1911 Victrola VV-X Table Top – Mahogany


1911 Victrola VV-X Table Top – Mahogany


Pre-Sale 1911 Victrola VV-X Table Top – Mahogany Wood

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Pending Restoration – Purchase now and secure this machine prior to its restoration.

1911 Victrola VV-X Table Top – Mahogany Wood

Serial Number 9471-A

The VV-X or “Victrola the Tenth” was a very popular model which went through several major design iterations. Introduced in 1910 as a moderately-priced tabletop model.  

The VV-X phonograph was introduced during the summer of 1910, and was considered to be a ‘mid-range’ tabletop model at a time when Victor’s product lineup was beginning to mature. With a price tag of $75.00 (which equates to about $2,100.00 in today’s money), it was briefly Victor’s lowest-cost phonograph during a transition period when ‘talking machines’ were dropping in price and becoming affordable for the average buyer.  It featured a hefty double-spring motor, nickel plated hardware and Victor’s Exhibition soundbox.  VV-X cabinets could be ordered in mahogany or a variety of oak finishes. These machines can be quickly identified by a machined filigree around the cabinet just beneath the lid. Victor referred to this feature as a “Wall of Troy” design. Later versions of this iteration will have an “A” or “B” suffix to indicate minor design changes to mechanical components.
During the summer of 1911, Victor continued in its efforts to make their products more affordable for everyone, and introduced a completely new lineup of Victrolas. The brand-new VV-IX tabletop model looked about the same as the VV-X and shared many of the same components, but was priced $25.00 less, logically drawing most buyers away from the X.  Production of the VV-X table top model therefore ceased in 1912, and it was transitioned into a floor model.
While VV-X phonographs earlier designs will garner more collector interest than the later designs. Based on the serial numbers of surviving examples, approximately 15,000 of these machines were made.


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Victor Victrola


Table Top


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Wood Finish

Mahogany Veneer

Hardware Finish

Nickel Plated

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