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If your Victrola phonograph has not had its motor disassembled, cleaned and re-greased/lubricated since it was manufactured over a hundred years ago, chances are the original grease (Vaseline with graphite) and oil has dried up on the springs, governor and main drive spindle and may be completely useless as a lubricant.  If it runs sluggish or you hear a thumping sound while playing it (springs sticking then releasing) its time to get it rebuilt.  Just adding oil wont do it since the old lubricants are dried and sticky and must be removed and replaced.  We currently only rebuild Victor/Victrola spring motors.

At New England Victrola and Clock, we do one of the most comprehensive and professional motor rebuilds in the business, 1, 2, 3 or 4 spring motors at the best price anywhere.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Complete tear down including governor and springs removed and inspected.
  • Degrease everything,  fully clean and polish all parts.
  • New Modern Chrome Steel ball bearings used to replace main spindle bearing and both bearings on governor.
  • Modern fully synthetic grease with 5% moly used on the springs and another synthetic grease and oil used on all the gears and bearings.
  • Replace speed control and speed indicator leather if necessary.
  • Fully re-assembled, tested and digitally calibrated to 78 rpm.


  • 1 & 2 spring motors $150
  • 3-4 spring motors $200

*prices do not include broken spring replacement/repair or shipping

typically a broken spring that cant be repaired will be $75 per spring extra.  Any other parts missing or broken will be quoted on a individual basis prior to repair.

Your motor still mounted on the board and platter can be shipped directly to us at 8 Village Street, Manchester CT 06040, it will be shipped back using the same box and packaging as was sent in.  We do not markup shipping costs and will provide the cost to ship back prior to sending.  We use Fedex for all our shipping unless you prefer USPS.  Please contact us at or text to 860-833-5968 to let us know you have sent your motor so we can expect the shipment.

Typical lead time for rebuild is 2 weeks.

if you need help removing the motor board, please feel free to contact us to help you over the phone.


If your Victrola phonograph has not had its reproducer gaskets replaced since it was manufactured, they are most likely hard as a rock and no longer doing their job of floating the mica (clear round disc) so it can vibrate and create the sound properly.  symptoms of this is very tinny sounding sound when playing records.  If you are considering having the motor rebuilt, it is recommended that you also send in your reproducer for a rebuild.

Here are the different levels or rebuild available with prices:

  • Minimum: replace gaskets, clean up original mica & nickel or gold plating & adjust springs $50
  • Medium: replace gaskets, replace mica & clean nickel or gold plating & needle assembly & adjust springs $99
  • Complete: replace gaskets, replace mica & clean nickel or gold plating & needle assembly & adjust springs & replace rear rubber flange $150.  
  • *Included in the complete rebuild is tone arm service at no additional charge, send the entire tone arm (easily removed by taking out 3 flat head bolts on the mount and lift up).  We will clean and replace the tone arm bearings, clean the pivot joint and re-grease.

*prices do not include any other missing or broken parts, any other parts missing or broken (other than what’s included in the rebuild) will be quoted on a individual basis prior to repair.  Shipping price may be extra if not shipped with motor.

Your reproducer can be shipped directly to us, contact us for an estimated shipping to get the rebuilt reproducer back to you.

Typical lead time for rebuild is 2 weeks.


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