Restored Victrola Care

Restored/remanufactured Victrolas by New England Victrola LLC require very little exterior maintenance because the wood is thoroughly sealed with finish. For restored Victrolas, it’s all about proper cleaning and temp control. No furniture polish or harsh cleaners, just use a microfiber cloth to lightly dust or a damp microfiber cloth if it has finger prints or anything other than dust .

Since your restored Victrola is sealed inside and out with a durable clear coat, nothing can really truly get down into the wood to damage it and the new finish will outlast the original in may ways. As with any antique, the room it’s kept in should be “ambient” and not hot or cold or to humid or dry. If it feels comfortable for a person it’s comfortable for the wood.

Most damage happens to antiques when harsh or abrasive cleaners are used or the atmospheric conditions they are kept or stored have to too much heat or moisture.

Please don’t make the same mistake many of the original owners did and store your Victrola in an attic or basement and it will look beautiful for many years to come and be enjoyed by future generations.



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