How do I change my billing and/or shipping address?

To edit your billing and/or shipping address, follow the directions above in “Where do I make changes to my account?”, and select the “Address Book” section. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to add, edit, or remove addresses used for billing and shipping.

How do I secure an item before its restored?

Stock availability is updated regularly in the pre-sale Victrola and pre-sale clock pages. Purchasing prior to restoration is the best method to secure the product.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check on the status of your order by clicking on the Order History page in the ‘My Accounts’ section of our online store.

Do you send order confirmations?

Yes, we automatically send you an email confirmation of your order. In addition, we will send you another email confirmation after your order has shipped. If you have not received your confirmation, please double check the email address you provided.

What payment methods do you accept?

New England Victrola & Clock accepts the following forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Your credit card will be charged at the time the order is placed.

Where do I make changes to my account?

To edit your account information, go to the My Account section. After logging in, you will have access to your general account information, address book, wish list, and order history.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted for damaged in shipment or otherwise non functioning clocks or Phonographs (less original shipping and handling fees) within 30 days of purchase. Shipping costs for any returns will not be reimbursed by New England Victrola & Clock unless there was a shipping error or product damage.  Arrangements must be made in advance before sending product back.

How to I accept and unpack my freight shipment on delivery day?

First, inspect the box for damage while the driver is still there, if there is damage, report it to the driver but still accept shipment, photograph the box and contact me 860-833-5968 to start a damage claim with the shipper and insurance company. Chances are there will not be damage, it is well packed in a commercial shipping box. Next, wheel the box inside (keep it on end as shown this end up) and put near the place you intend to keep it. the best way to unpack is the reverse of how it was packed. us a razor knife or regular small knife to open the front of the box. the front is where the two flaps meet in the middle. You don’t want to destroy the box or packing material because if there is unseen damage and it needs to be shipped back, you will need it intact. You should also keep the box and packing material until it is determined the unit is in working order and not damaged, the insurance company will need to see the box and packing material if damage is discovered. Next, with the front flaps open all the way, remove the Styrofoam on the front, sides, bottom and top area. Next (this may take 2 people), carefully pull the unit straight out of the box. The castors have been removed so it wont roll out, needs to be pulled (carefully). Once out, use scissors to start removing the packing material around the unit one layer at a time. be careful not to scratch the unit with the scissors. The last layor of plastic will have a sign that indicates where the key is located. Open the top doors where the horn is located and the key is tapped to to the bottom of it. remove the key from the bag and use it to unlock the bottom lock and top lock. Inside the bottom storage area is a box, inside that box is the platter, crank, sample records, sample needles and owners manual. next, remove the packing material from the top area, remove the string retaining the tone arm, lay the platter on top, adjust the brake if necessary, install the crank in the side, wind up, place a record on the platter, a needle in the tone arm and start enjoying the 1917 Victrola. You should replace the needle after every play, they can be purchased inexpensively online.




If you have questions feel free to contact us at 860-833-5968 during normal business hours M-F 9:00am-5:00pm


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