1921 Victrola VV-120 (XVI) – Walnut


1921 Victrola VV-120 (XVI) – Walnut

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1921 Victrola VV-120 – Walnut Veneer with Gold Plated Hardware, 4 spring motor and No.2 Reproducer.

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Pending Restoration – Purchase now and secure this machine prior to its restoration.

1921 Victrola VV-120 (same as XVI) – American Walnut

Serial Number 3516

The VV-120 was an update of the name only to the VV-XVI, which had been the ‘flagship’ of the Victrola product-line since 1906. Victor implemented an ‘across-the-board’ change to the model designations (for most machines) during the spring of 1921, replacing the previous Roman Numerals with Arabic numbers, so the venerable VV-XVI simply became the VV-120 at that time. While some of these renamed models received new cabinets, there are no physical differences between the XVI and 120; only the stamped dataplate (indicating the model number) was changed.
Like the XVI, the VV-120 offered a choice of mahogany, oak or walnut veneer. The large 4-spring motor and all other features were unchanged from its predecessor.
By the time these name-changes were being implemented across Victor’s product line, public interest in large upright Victrolas had already started to wane. During the summer of 1922, in at attempt to revive sagging sales, Victor introduced a modernized replacement for the VV-120 designated as the VV-111; production of the 120 was subsequently ceased at that time.
Due to the overproduction of these machines, it is quite likely that many VV-120 models were sold during Victor’s well-advertised “half-price” sale during the summer of 1925. For more information on Victor’s financial crisis of 1924-1925 and the overproduction of phonographs, please click here.
The original 1921 selling price of the VV-120 was $250.00, which equates to $3,600.00 in today’s money. Walnut finishes (American or Circassian) added $50.00 to the price. An estimated total of 8,500 VV-120 models were produced.  A total of approximately 900 VE-120 (electric motor) models were also produced, all in 1921. The “VE” version sold for $40.00 extra.
When the VV-111 was launched in 1923, the price tag for this model was reduced by $25.00.

Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 48 × 28 × 24 cm

Victor Victrola



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Wood Finish

Walnut Veneer

Hardware Finish

Gold Plated


No. 2


4 Spring


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