1885 Schlenker & Kienzle German Railroad Cuckoo Clock

1885 Schlenker & Kienzle German Railroad Cuckoo Clock

1885 Schlenker & Kienzle German Railroad Cuckoo Clock

Previous Restoration shown as an example of prior work by New England Victrola & Clock.

If you are interested in purchasing this model clock and having it fully restored, check pre-sale inventory or contact us for future availability and sourcing.

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This clock has been fully restored and sold, this is an example of previous restoration work by New England Victrola & Clock. 

If you are interested in purchasing a restored version of this model clock, check pre-sale inventory or contact us for future availability.

1885 Schlenker & Kienzle Railroad Style German Cuckoo Clock

24 Hour weight driven movement that chimes on half hour and on the hour plays song with gong and Cuckoo counting the time.

cherry wood case with gold color accessories

This cuckoo clock was an early rare example of cuckoo clock work done by the Schlenker & Kienzle clock company.

Schlenker & Kienzle company history:

Jakob Kienzle (1859 – 1935) was the founder of a major German clock producing factory in the town of Schwenningen, Württemberg.

Kienzle became a foster-son of Friedrich Mauthe after his father’s early death and started to work in the Mauthe clock factory at the age of fourteen.
After an apprenticeship in a colonial goods business in Triberg, Kienzle worked with Johannes Schlenker, a well known master clockmaker, married
his daughter in 1883 and took over the clock making facility together with his brother-in-law, Karl-Johannes Schlenker.
The company was named Schlenker-Kienzle and started to industrialize
clock production.

By 1887, the company opened a factory branch in Komotau, Bohemia (then Austria, today Czech Republic).
Karl-Johannes Schlenker left the company in 1898, thus leaving Kienzle as the sole owner. Kienzle had by then started with “American style” clock mass-production, producing over 500,000 clocks a year.


Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 cm

Schlenker & Kienzle





Mfr Year

Cir. 1890


Mahogany (linden wood)


9w x 13h x 4d


24 Hour Weight


Half Hour


Animated gong with music

Winding Key



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