The Victrola Re-manufacture & Refurbishment process includes:

  • Fully disassembling the cabinet, stripping, sanding, staining with NGR acetone based dye to match original finish, grain filling & multiple clear coats using professional products from Mohawk with the final coat hand rubbed to produce a finish that looks very similar to when it was first manufactured over a hundred years ago.  Special attention is given to corners, carvings and details to completely remove the old finish but not affect detail.
  • Full tear down, cleaning, polishing, inspection & reassembly and testing of the 4 spring motor that included replacement of one of the 17 foot springs.  Full synthetic grease and oils were used to maximize performance and outlast the original lubricants used.
  • All gold or nickel plated hardware, screw heads, knobs, plates, hinges & more were cleaned & polished before reassembly.
  • Locks are removed, cleaned & fully refurbished
  • Cabinet base was cleaned, sealed & restored castors installed in newly drilled holes with new metal sleeves for ease of movement.
  • Tone arm fully disassembled, base repainted with new gold pin stripes painted on, bearings and retainer cleaned and re-lubricated, sound box completely rebuilt with new mica, new gaskets around mica and new flange on back where it connects to tone arm.
  • The internal horn was removed, fully cleaned, metal repainted, wood refurbished and reconnected and sealed with new gasket material.
  • Final assembly includes platter speed adjustment using strobe disc.

The professional re-manufacturing process is done over a 3 month period paying great attention to every detail and done using a similar process as outlined on the Victor Victrola website.