Specializing in restoration of 8 Day movement New England Clocks from Sessions, New Haven, Gilbert, Seth Thomas, Ansonia & more from around 1875-1925.

All Clocks are meticulously restored to their original condition and finish.  The movements are rebuilt or serviced; Ultrasonically cleaned, inspected, oiled & adjusted.  Most have pleasant sounding gongs on the hour and a short single gong or bell ding on the half hour.  The gongs can be disabled by simply not winding that side (separate time and gong winding).  The movements are 8 day and always original to the clocks.
I do my best to ensure the clocks are running as well a possible and will not sell any defective or problem clocks.  I try to regulate adjust all my clocks before shipping but there may be some additional adjustment needed to make the time more accurate after you receive the clock due to humidity etc.  These clocks are simple to adjust and instructions are included with each one.   I do guarantee that all my clock will arrive working correctly and will work with you should any problems arise within a reasonable amount of time.

As with all the clocks I restore, the screws that hold the movement in place have been replaced with brass thumb nuts so the movement can be easily removed and serviced.  I have found that the screws that hold the movement in after repeated removal become loose and have had movements fall off in shipping so as an upgrade and added protection the thumb nuts securely hold the movement in place and make removal much simpler with no tools needed. The thumb nuts can be seen in the photo of the movement below.   I also use special synthetic clock oil so lubrication will last much longer and extend reliability.