1917 XVI English Brown Mahogany Victrola – SOLD $1,950

An  Antique 1917 Victrola VV-XVI (Model 16) Phonograph – fully  re-manufactured to museum quality condition, packed and shipped anywhere in the continental US completely free. 

This Victrola  phonograph has been professionally restored from top to bottom, nothing has been  overlooked.  Everything is original to the unit.  The Victrola XVI is the flagship model and one restored to this original condition is extremely rare. 

  • Victor’s flagship model upright, inside-horn machines.
  • Bears Serial #154483, with a nickel-plated, 4-spring motor.
  • The cabinet is English Brown Mahogany wood finish with original brass and gold-plated hardware throughout.
  • Features a 12″ turntable, Exhibition reproducer, and storage for record albums in front with locking doors.
  • Both the record and phonograph top sections have matching locks and key.
  • The  casters provide easy roll about. 

Here is some info  about the XVI from the Victor Victrola Website:

The “VV-XVI” was the original internal-horn Victrola; officially introduced in 1906, it remained the Victrola flagship model for many years. Although it was originally advertised as “Victrola the Sixteenth” (XVI), the metal identification tag used a “VTLA” designation in the early years. This was the first commercial product to enclose the horn inside a stylish cabinet. Selling for a whopping $200.00, it became an immediate hit. (this unit has $215 on it’s inside tag – $215 in 1917 equals $4,762.88 in 2020)

English Brown Mahogany was introduced in 1913, and quickly became a very popular choice. It is often mistaken for Walnut due to the dark brown color, but the parallel, linear grain figuring is a dead-giveaway that this is Mahogany.

Restoration included:
Cabinet carefully stripped completely down to reveal the original beautiful Ribbon Sapele mahogany wood, loose veneer repaired, fully sanded with special attention to carvings, corners and trim, stained using special wood dye to match color under lid. Added 3-4 layers of clear coat paying special attention to matching the original gloss depth to restore the finish to same condition as when it was new in 1917.

The 4 spring motor was completely disassembled, chassis cleaned and polished and all springs, gears and other nickel plated & brass parts cleaned, inspected & re-assembled with modern synthetic lubrication for extra long protection and smooth operation – Amsoil full synthetic with 5% moly for the springs and Mobile 1 for the worm gears and bearings.  The main drive gear and governor gears had their ends reground and polished and new steel bearings installed.

Tone arm and mount were removed, cleaned, mount repainted & gold stripe replaced, bearings replaced, lubricated with synthetic grease and fully serviced.  Tone arm fully cleaned, polished and new lubrication at pivot.

Reproducer was fully cleaned and rebuilt with new gaskets, Mica & calibration.

Platter was cleaned, polished and new felt applied.

Castors & sleeves were replaced with duplicates since originals were not repairable.

All knobs, screw heads, hinges & other parts were cleaned & polished before re-assembly.

final calibration was done using a 78 rpm strobe disc.

This elegant and fully restored antique phonograph is beautiful and would make a great addition to any home and would be a cherished family heirloom to pass down for generations.

Original Condition Pictures

Restoration Pictures