1917 VV-XVII Mahogany Victrola – SOLD $2,995

The XVII was introduced as the premium floor model in late 1916, replacing the spectacular (but too-expensive to produce) VV-XVIII. The XVII featured “bowed” front and side panels, with ornate hand-carved trim and gold plated hardware. Most were delivered with 4-spring power. Cabinets were available in mahogany, oak, walnut or fancy finishes, with mahogany being the most popular choice. The XVII was the first phonograph to introduce the small glass speed indicator. Most records show that this model was discontinued in 1921, however, some sources show availability by special order until 1922.

The original 1916 selling price of the standard finish (mahogany or oak) XVII was $250.00 (equal to $5,414.50 in 2019 money). At the end of the model run the price had increased to $350.00 (equal to $7,580.31 in 2019 Money). Factory records indicate that a total of 19,600 Victrola spring- wound VV-XVII’s were produced; however, based on surviving examples, a more accurate estimate is that approximately 20,700 were made.

1917 VV-XVII Victrola – Fully Restored/Remanufactured

The Restoration

Original Condition

As found – Original Condition
Stripped & Sanded
Grain Filled
First Coat of Clear
Motor As Found condition
Motor after Restoration & Rebuild including new spring

The Model 17 Victrola (XVII) was the top of the line model from Victrola between 1916-1921 with finely detailed carvings, gold plated and ornate hardware, bowed sides and powerful & extended play time 4 spring motor, this was the pinnacle of their crank style phonograph designs with its recessed glass covered speed indicator & well made motor and stylish cabinet that would remain their top model until the end of crank phonograph production.

The model XVII is rare with around 19,675 being produced – compared to the XI model where 843,000 were made, the XVII totals only .3% of the total number of Victrolas produced.  With even less surviving models still around, finding one with original parts and professionally re-manufactured like this one makes it extremely rare.  

The year this was originally manufactured in 1917 was a very pivotal year in history with the United states declaring war on Germany and entering World War 1, the Russian Czar Abdicated his throne and the Revolution began and Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated for his second term as president of the United States.

The professional re-manufacturing process that was done to this Victrola was meticulously done over a 3 month period paying great attention to every detail and done using a similar process as outlined on the Victor Victrola website.

The Re-manufacture & Refurbishment included:

  • Fully disassembling the cabinet, stripping, sanding, staining, grain filling & multiple clear coats using professional products to produce a finish that looks very similar to when it was first manufactured over a hundred years ago.
  • Full tear down, cleaning, polishing, inspection & reassembly and testing of the 4 spring motor that included replacement of one of the 17 foot springs.  Full synthetic grease and oils were used to maximize performance and outlast the original lubricants used.
  • All good plated hardware, screw heads, knobs, plates & more were cleaned & polished before reassembly.
  • Both locks were cleaned & fully refurbished
  • Both locks were cleaned & fully refurbished
  • Base was cleaned, sealed & castors installed in newly drilled holes for ease of movement and solid movement.
  • Tone arm fully disassembled, base repainted with new pin stripes painted on, bearings re-lubricated, sound box completely rebuilt with new mica, new gaskets around mica and new gasket on back where it connects to tone arm.
  • The horn was removed, fully cleaned, refurbished and sealed with new gasket material.

Everything from top to bottom was refurbished to make this Victrola a very special, beautiful, rare and unique treasure.