1912 VV-IX Table Top Victrola in Mahogany – Sold $699

The IX was a very popular “upscale” tabletop Victrola. This model used a 12-inch turntable and two spring motor. Production was started in May of 1911 and discontinued in 1924. This particular unit was manufactured in May 1912 as shown on the bottom label. The IX was available in either mahogany or oak finishes, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice and is the finish of this unit. The cabinet also went through several minor design changes. Earliest production versions (this unit) have very closely spaced downward facing slats in the horn opening (left). Small “feet” were added to the cabinet in 1915.
The original 1911 selling price of the IX was $50.00. At the end of the model run, it sold new for $75.00. An estimated total of 570,500 Victrola IX’s were produced.  The Serial numbers started at 501 and went to 570,400. This units serial number is 31,837 so it is a very early model and somewhat rare.

Before Restoration